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Social projects


MAGISTRALS is a project for online and face-to-face training aimed at professionalizing art workshops in social entities that work with people with intellectual disabilities.

For the development of the project, collaboration with different artists and designers is sought, who conduct both online sessions and face-to-face classes. Over these three years, the project has been under the direction of artist Jaime Súnico, illustrator and graphic designer Laura Klamburg, and currently, face-to-face classes are being conducted by artist Marta Fàbregas using collage techniques.

With this project, the Setba Foundation aims to contribute to improving the quality of artistic workshops carried out in entities in the disability secto and to help social professionals identify the talent of their users.

The online training sessions can be found on the Setba Foundation's YouTube channel. In 2024, the online and face-to-face training will be about watercolor, and conducted by Paula Leiva.

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2023-11-21_Cloenda Traspassant l'Objectiu, SETBA_033.jpeg

Traspassant l'objectiu is an artistic mediation project that works with photography as a tool for empowerment. The program is aimed at women deprived of their freedom, under the artistic direction of photographer and activist Marta Fàbregas.

The photography workshop has been held in the women's module of the Brians 1 Penitentiary Center in Sant Esteve Sesrovires and at the Wad-Ras women's prison in Barcelona, ​​with the special participation of photojournalist Sandra Balsells and photographer Tanit Plana.

The objective is to contribute to the improvement of the participants' quality of life by enhancing their self-esteem and promoting their employability through photography.

In 2022, the photobook "BRIANS Invisible Women" was published. It gathers images taken by the inmates during the workshop, by artist Marta Fàbregas, and by photographer Laura Gàlvez-Rhein, as well as reports by ex-inmates Camila Oliveira and Sofia Kyprisli, both of whom are now free.

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IMAGINADO(R)NES is an artistic project based on female empowerment, organized with the Esperança foundation, which is directed towards women who live in the Casa de Recés.
The project, which receives the artistic management of the photographer and activist Marta Fàbregas, has as a starting point the picture of an African woman carrying water containers on her head. Not a very positive image, which makes us reflect on the role that many women have, responsible for the toughest tasks, something that prevents them from getting any education nor empowerment.
The project aims to turn the picture around and work on the ability to imagine as well as on the visualization of their future through the technique of collage and image transfer. Imagining is the first step towards building and shaping their life and horizon.
During the sessions, work is based on three aspects: experience, growth, and contribution to society. The main goal is for the women that participate to ask themselves questions regarding these three aspects so that they can turn thoughts into ideas, and at the same time identify keywords to turn ideas into images, drawings, colors, textures, and finally aesthetic and artistic compositions.
Apart from the theory, participants will be taught the technique of transferring images on canvas, which will create the final artworks - one for each woman - that will replace the photographs currently hung on the Casa del Recés. The result will be a series of 120x40cm frame-mounted canvases with the transferred composition, visualizing what the women "carry" on their head and how they imagine their future.


The Setba Foundation collaborates since 2018 with the Department of Justice of Catalonia's Generalitat. Following the footsteps of the project "Traspassant murs", an artistic intervention in the Centro Educativo de Justicia Juvenil Can Llupià (Can LLupià Juvenile Justice Educative Center) in Barcelona, the Setba Foundation conceived and organized for the first time ever "Traspassant l'objectiu": a currently active participative project which uses photography as a tool for creation, aimed towards women deprived of freedom, and under the artistic direction of the photographer Marta Fàbregas.
This first edition has taken place in the Brians 1 penitentiary center, in Sant Esteve Sessrovires, and has had the collaboration of Olympus, Panasonic and Casanova Foto. The interns have received basic notions of photography, participated in a professional photoshoot, made portraits of one another, and have also been portrayed by Marta Fàbregas. Each project edition finalizes during the International Women's Day and consists of a participative action where the interns glue their portraits in the prison yard.
The objective of the project is to contribute to the empowerment of the interns, focusing on the role of "inspiring muses" that women and every one of them have.


Muses Digital-19.jpg

Barri Gòtic, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

Women's international day

From March the 10th to May the 23d, 2020

Marta Fàbregas with Fundació SETBA

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