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Art Statement

From a young age I felt the need to express myself through art, and, more specifically, through photography and image. It’s a visceral need, as if my soul needed to shout and its language were art.

That’s why I always had a camera in my hands, to depict my environment and to transform it into images; to explain anything that I find fascinating, worrisome or touching; to explain beauty; to transmit whatever amazes me or whatever I rebel against; to be able to communicate.

My technique and my sensitivity while I am in the process of creation have grown more pure after looking over and over through the camera’s eyepiece... until I found my own voice.

I have always been fascinated by collage and by the research of the new. To hold the picture in my hands, being able to touch it, manipulate it and transform it, took me to the technique of trans photography. Reusing old pictures from other photographer’s, manipulating and reinterpreting them are my ways of making visible again what was already invisible, of dignifying what man had ruined; it is my own way to time travel, to transform, to transmute, to transfigure and to transfer us into a new reality.

Photographs, watercolor paper, glue, water, string and cloth; I don’t need anything else to spend hours in my studio, in my own world, transforming myself.

Photographers like Avedon, Friedlander, Brassaï, Lartigue have been my role models, as well as female artists such as Mary Cassatt, Louise Nevelson, Annette Messager or Fabianne Verdier. I was also influenced by artists like Torres-Garcia or Arman, and the collages by Picasso and Miró have always left me speechless.

Art... painting, photography, sculpture, cinema, theater, poetry, music... they all feed my soul, always hungry for more.

My soul yells: I’m starving!!!

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