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The "satori" moment is an experience of harmony, transcendence and liberation. When satori is achieved, the person is able to see beyond the limits of physical reality and connect with what is beyond.
Satori is a profound and transformative experience that helps us find a new sense of purpose and understanding. It is a spiritual illumination that allows us to see the world in a whole new way. Satori helps us recognize the connection between all things, and gives us the opportunity to see life in a deeper and more meaningful way.
​​Satori, women and feminism are all connected by the power of awareness and the ability to look beyond what is apparently in front of us.
Women have historically been oppressed and marginalized, but feminism gives us the opportunity to find our own voices and fight for our rights. Satori refers us to the importance of consciousness and reminds us that, like feminism, we can transcend the limits of reality and find a deeper and more meaningful understanding.

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