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"The human being is human because it rebels against its destiny as a species, it doesn't admit to being just another animal. Human life has 'bios', but it also has 'zoa', the part that we share with animals. But there is a 'bios' which is intrinsically human, the culture.
Through culture, we rebel as a species against our genetic destiny, which is to be mere gene conveyors. At the same time, each one of us rebels against the species looking for wellness, happiness, everyone in their own way.

Humanity gains more power every day, but less happiness. The full enjoyment of the 'zoa', our animal existence, is in contradiction with our growth as a cultured species.
If we weren't rebels, we'd be monkeys, our cousins, the primates, which haven't rebelled. The critical attitude is consubstantial to humanity, but the criticism is consequential, not the complaint, which lacks content.
Criticism implies resignation because to achieve anything you must give up having it all. The tendency of the absolute of humanity begins to be manageable when this situation is accepted.
I hope that the next generation is better than the current one at parting from this rebellion. Those who grow up in progress think that maybe that makes some sense. Astrophysicists will tell you that in the immensity of the universe, we are just a blink. But still, we exist, we are here."
Text taken from the interview to the journalist Lluís Amiguet, published by Sergio Lozano on La Vanguardia in the July of 2020

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