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Perfect Imperfect

The Perfect Imperfect project claims imperfection as an inherent part of the human being, imperfection as a path to learning, to overcoming, to growth, and, ultimately, as something that reflects our evolution as species.

Without imperfection there is no progress, no improvement; without imperfection there is no development.

Women have always been judged under that lens. Society has imposed on us “the perfect woman” as our role model, and any woman not following this canon, even today, is bound to be criticized, dismissed, and questioned. “Are women born imperfect, while society wants us perfect?”

Fashion images published back in the 50s reflect this imposition, this corset, this feminine model: impeccable, beautiful, smart, generous, good mother and wife… Perfect silhouettes in a perfect world.

By “Transporting” these images of perfect women from the past to the present I can reflect, both from a personal and artistic manner, on the role of women in today’s society. It’s my way of highlighting this heavy burden that prevents us from flying.

Should we continue under the yoke of “the perfect woman”?

Women, we are imperfect and that sets us free!

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