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Kasimir Mathalas

A four-hand project made with Marc Vidal, my husband and life companion. We used the collage technique with random objects, found here and there, and we combined them with photographs of our everyday life on silk paper.

The project consists of 15 works under the title “Next Sation”, signed under the pseudonym Kasimir Mathalas.

The exhibit shows a series of elements which flow between photography, sculpture and collage, and reflects on recycling, digital image and the breakdown of certain values of Western society. The works are a wink to the Dadaist ready-made and to arte povera. To that, we add a reflection about image production in the digital era, when practically everybody carries a pocket camera and images are produced and reproduced daily by the millions. That is a sort of link between fast-food and fast-image, where quality of the image is not as important as its immediacy.

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