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The garden of the Hesperides

The Garden of the Hesperides, according to Greek mythology, was located at the westernmost end of the Mediterranean, near the Atlas Mountains. In its center, there was a tree of golden apples that made whoever ate them immortal. Mortals did not have access to the magical garden of golden apples since it was a space belonging to supernatural beings.
The Hesperides were the nymphs in charge of protecting that sacred tree, an axis of the world that represented eternal life and divine fertility. (...)

We are all heroes of our lives, we must all overcome barriers, we all yearn for moments that place us above ordinary life and grant us access to extraordinary spheres.
Earthly paradises are everywhere and nowhere because nothing is literal. There is no specific geographical location or an 'East of Eden'. What we all yearn for is to overcome the fatigue produced by the mundane, exhausting us to contact something spiritually superior, on another plane, without turbulence or pain. Recover innocence. (...)

We are a society without time, without silence, and without darkness. No voids. They have been taken from us.
As our urban lives have imprisoned us in artificial environments, we are increasingly in need of a natural and harmonic simplicity to compensate for that. That is why we have become insatiable consumers of products and experiences in a race to find that precious peace, peace of mind. (...)

Having moved away from nature, we have also moved away from our inner nature. Far from forests and lakes, fruits and flowers, animals and rocks, we have lost strength, we have disassociated ourselves from the cycles, we have disconnected from ourselves. (...)

We may wonder what is it that makes us feel as if we were in paradise. It is probably the encounter with oneself and with others, but only when it occurs from the heart. That is the garden to cultivate. Epicurus argued that men should cultivate themselves, become their own garden. (...)

In the garden of the heart is where the seeds for vital fertility must be sown; on the planet and in each one of us. Take care of the heart so that our emotions open like flowers, so that we flow like rivers. Synchronize our internal rhythm and vibrate with the environment.
Every time we feed the soul, we promote its expansion, this is our responsibility. Often, when we create, head and heart merge in the same act. The path of the heart is the path of creation. We have a hard time letting our giddy heads fall into the still waters of calm.

And so we realize, far too late, that in those moments of a regular Tuesday - ephemeral and wonderful - where our soul smiled, we were in paradise.
And in those moments, so human, in which everything simply consists in existing, even the gods envy us. (...)

Texts extracted from the book "En la estela del Mito" by Mireia Rosich

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